Upgrade Advice

We think the best way to update a PC or laptop is to install a solid state drive (SSD)

Most computers & laptops have a mechanical drive that has disk inside that spins .

An SSD does not have any moving parts & is basically flash storage .

Large storage SSD drives can be expensive but may users can get away with a 250 gigabyte drive .

Ab Computer Repairs can help you install a new SSD drive making sure that you do not lose any important documents or picture in the process .

Another way of improving performance is to install extra RAM .

Doubling the amount of Ram in your system can help speed up a PC or laptop.

If you have a gaming PC & you are looking at upgrading components the why not give us a ring to discuss your options

Whatever way you may choose to upgrade & improve performance AB Computer Repairs Peterborough are here to help.

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