Slow Computer

A very common call we receive is that a computer or laptop is running slow , sometimes our customer has rang up their internet service provider & complained about slow web page loading times.

Be aware that your internet provider will happily sell you a super fast broadband package, then only for you to find web pages & the computer still running slow.

A slow computer or laptop could well be down to virus or malware infection, it may be running hot because dust is blocking air vents or fans, it could be your computer was pre installed with what we call bloatware in the trade.

Most modern laptops & computers have adequate hardware to run basic tasks at a decent speed but there are some laptops on the market with slow processors speeds so try to avoid laptops with a processor speed less than 2ghz.

We think the best way to give your computer a boost is by installing a solid state drive (SSD) as opposed to a standard mechanical hard drive that is in most computers / laptops .

AB Computers can help you install a new solid state drive so please give us a ring.

We would advise against downloading speed up tools from the internet as many will install malware on your computer & make matters worse.

So why not give AB Computers a call we can investigate & speed up you computer

Computer speed up service costs £40